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June 2021. With the prospect of COVID restrictions easing this summer, we are faced with a decision. Do we stay within the limits that defined this project  at the outset, or do we break the boundaries and follow the dream?

The answer of course: We will not be defined or limited by anything.

Feb 2021. We are making short films telling stories about people and lives that have touched us. Lock down is harder than ever but we can't stop - we all have a story to tell.



May 2020. After 2 months of lockdown in the UK, the need to tell stories and create films drove Nick Farr and Tim Grosvenor to choose a medium that can thrive in the new socially distancing reality: Short films, born out of the pandemic, created by a small cast and crew swathed in PPE, and ready to watch online in a minimal timeframe.


Nick Farr

Creative Director


Nicholas J Hughes,

stage name Nick Farr.


Actor, Director, Writer

Tim Grosvenor

Production Director


Timothy Xavier Grosvenor

DoP, Camera Operator, Film Editor